Lefkada: Pulling back the beautiful veil of the famous Ionian island

Lefkada: Pulling back the beautiful veil of the famous Ionian island
lefkada town

Lefkada: Pulling back the beautiful veil of the famous Ionian island


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Lefkada? Chances are you’re dreaming of postcard-perfect bays, emerald waters and verdant hills.

And you’re right!

Known as the “Caribbean of Greece”, Lefkada is characterized by -what else- its mesmerizing exotic bays and breathtaking natural scenery.

But, Lefkada is much more than that!

Do you want to discover the secrets of this idyllic island?

Keep reading, cause by the end of this article, we bet you will have fallen in love with Lefkada.

Why Lefkada?

Did you know that although Lefkada is typically an island, it can be reached by car?


Through a bridge connecting the island with mainland Greece.

After crossing this bridge, you’ll enter the magical world of Lefkada! Exotic beaches, charming villages, a picturesque capital, an amazing culinary scene and a variety of activities for all tastes will please every type of traveler.

Despite its touristic development, Lefkada has managed to retain its traditional charm and pristine natural beauty. This means you can enjoy holidays in the heart of nature, without sacrificing the perks of modern life!

Ideal for couples, families and groups of friends, Lefkada has the ability to meet the needs of every type of traveler. No matter if you’re seeking a remote destination for relaxing holidays, or a place to live unforgettable experiences with your friends, you’ll find what you want in Lefkada.

You can be sure for one thing: You will by no means get bored in this exotic island!

Amazing Lefkada beaches

Following the path of the famous exotic Ionian beaches, Lefkada has a great selection of amazing bays!

Standing out for their beautiful landscapes, indigo waters, fine sand and dramatic backdrops, Lefkada beaches are, hands down, some of the best beaches not only in Greece but also in the world!

These are the best beaches in Lefkada you should definitely visit:

Porto Katsiki beach

Porto Katsiki beach is the most famous and most photographed beach in Lefkada. Nestled in a sandy bay, insulated by dramatic white cliffs, this scenic beach will steal your breath!

Porto Katsiki beach is located 45 km from the capital of Lefkada, close to Athani village and can be reached both by car and small boats departing from Vassiliki village and Nidri village.

Porto Katsiki is organized with sun loungers and umbrellas, but if you’re seeking privacy, choose the shaded spots of this beach. Whatever you do, make sure you stay in Porto Katsiki beach long enough to witness the majestic sunset. Watch the sun sinking in the vast Ionian sea and gaze up at the steep cliffs mirroring the color of the sun… Magic exists!

Egremni beach

Have you ever noticed how some beaches always look good on photos? Well, Egremni is definitely one of these beaches. The reality, though, exceeds any expectations!

Egremni beach is one of the most popular Lefkada beaches, thanks to its exotic ambiance and turquoise waters. Long, sandy and surrounded by towering cliffs, Egremni beach oozes magical charm!

Even though Egremni beach is rather difficult to reach, as you have to walk down 325 steps, you’ll be rewarded by its enchanting scenery! This beach is organized with sun loungers and umbrellas, but there are also more private spots to relax undisturbed!

Kathisma beach

Located 15 km from the capital of Lefkada, Kathisma beach is one of the most beautiful organized beaches of the island. It is also one of the biggest beaches in Lefkada, standing out for its mesmerizing turquoise waters, huge sandy coast and verdant ambiance.

In Kathisma beach one can find many facilities, as this beach has a backdrop of restaurants, taverns, beach bars and hotels. Despite its big size, Kathisma often gets crowded. So, if you want a more quiet spot to enjoy your beach day, you can move to the southernmost part of the beach.

Picturesque Lefkada Town

Located on the east side of the island, Lefkada town is the perfect starting point for your exploration. Being the commercial and cultural center of the island, Lefkada town has a collection of restaurants, cafes, bars, shops, museums and attractions.

Start from the picturesque Ioannou Mela street and continue to the center of Lefkada town, Agios Spyridonas square. Around the square, you’ll find many narrow paved alleys full of little souvenir shops, where you can buy local products.

As for sightseeing, in Lefkada Town, you’ll find the Archaeological Museum, the Nautical Museum, the Municipal Art Gallery and Agia Mavra Castle. Agia Mavra Castle is located on the entrance of Lefkada Town and it probably is the most important monument of Lefkada Town, but more on that later…

Tip: When the sun goes down, the bars and the restaurants of Lefkada Town come alive! Sit at a tavern to taste the local delicacies or at a bar to drink and dance the night away!

Sightseeing in Lefkada

Most places in Greece are inseparably linked with history. Lefkada couldn’t be an exception!

Agia Mavra Castle

Starting from Lefkada town, one of the most impressive monuments is undoubtedly Agia Mavra Castle. This medieval castle was built in 1,300 by the Frank ruler of the island, Ioannis Orsinis. Inside the castle, there are remains of the Venetian rule, such as a barrack, a hospital and houses. It is a monument worth visiting!

Archaeological Museum

Housed in the Cultural Center of Lefkada, Archaeological Museum displays a big collection of archaeological findings from places such as the ancient capital of Lefkada, Nirikos, Nydri, Meganisi and more.

The museum displays items from the Paleolithic age to the Roman times, including tools, earthenware, jewelry and many more interesting exhibits.

Dimosari Waterfalls

Lefkada has its own waterfalls! Flowing just 4 km from the sea, west of Nidri, Dimosari waterfalls is one of the most famous natural miracles of Lefkada. Insulated by rocky cliffs, the waterfalls boast a unique natural landscape, which attracts many visitors every year. Reaching Dimosari waterfalls is not only easy but also an amazing experience, as you will pass through a beautiful landscape of lemon trees and lush vegetation!

Moni Faneromenis Monastery

No guide to Lefkada would be complete without Moni Faneromenis monastery! Sitting on a verdant hilltop with a beautiful view to Lefkada town, Moni Faneromenis is considered the protector of the island. Moni Faneromenis is just 3 km away from Lefkada main town and is the oldest and biggest monastery of the island. Inside the monastery, you’ll find an ecclesiastical museum, hosting the monastery’s heirlooms and items from other monasteries of Lefkada.

Lucious Lefkada food

Just like the rest of the Ionian islands, Lefkada has an amazing culinary tradition. Lefkada’s gastronomy is based on olive oil, lentils, pies, herbs, fish, seafood, salami and meat, which are used to create delicious local dishes.

Some of the best dishes in Lefkada are:

Frigadeli (roasted lights)

Kolokithokorfades (Zucchini flowers with potatoes, tomato and garlic)

Avgopita (A pie with eggs and cheese)

Riganada (Bread with oil, vinegar and salt)

Sofigado (Beef with quince)

Bakaliaros Bianco (Cod cooked with potatoes and onions)

Ladopita (Traditional pie made of flour and olive oil)

Savoro (Fish with raisins)

In Lefkada town’s taverns, you can taste all these and many more local dishes, but if you want the real deal, you should definitely visit the traditional taverns at the villages of Lefkada. There, you’ll have the chance to taste all the original flavors of the island.

All in all, Lefkada is a wonderful place, full of surprises! From amazing beaches to sightseeing and delicious food, it just ticks all the boxes! So, whether you’re staying in Corfu and craving a little getaway, or you’re searching for your next holiday destination, Lefkada is a top choice!