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Body Therapy Packages

Jet Lag Massage (40′ 60€)

A truly individual journey where you will discover the power of touch in a personalised experience.

Gain balance in your body by using deep tissue massage techniques to loosen stiff neck, shoulders and back muscles. Ideal after long journeys.

Anti-Stress Full Body Massage (60′ 90€)

Muscle Relaxation Massage throughout the body, with fluctuating and alternating mild-pressure and speed, for wellness, relief, relaxation, rejuvenation, and relief from daily stress.

Ancient Greek Massage (60′ 100€)

The ancient Greek massage is a new therapeutic approach. It involves the famous “rubbings ” (anatripseis) and is based on the Hippocratic methods that took place in Ancient Greece. It starts with movements and pressures on a dry body. Then powder is applied to the back area with the help of a special brush to enhance the back’s blood circulation.

A more intensive pressing follows along a blending of pure virgin olive oil and essential oils of the Greek soil. During the session, the massages alternate between mild and intense, creating a feeling of deep hyperemia and rejuvenation.

Neck Back massage (30′ 50€)

It promotes the relief of muscle pains and helps the blood circulation which reduces pressure in the head.

Deep Tissue Massage (45′ 70€ or 60′ 85€)

A therapeutic massage on the whole body adjusted to your needs. Release the tension, stress and aching muscles with strong pressure techniques. A customized blend of oils is selected for optimum results. The goal is to increase the blood circulation of the muscles.

AYURVEDA Massage (50′ 110€)

It is a very relaxing ancient therapy and potentially meditative, that comes from India. Αyurveda head massage focuses on the head, neck, and shoulders, areas more vulnerable to stress and tension.

Aromatherapy Massage for after sun (50′ 75€)

A holistic treatment applied throughout the body to someone who has been “sunburned” by the sun or sunbathing. The combination of essential oils, with aloe Vera, and vitamin E, soothe the skin after sunbathing, moisturize and protect it from the negative effects of radiation, prolong the tan, soothe and nourish sun-tanned skin.

Hot Stone Massage (60′ 110€)

Volcanic stones are used for this massage. Energy from the volcano (fire) combined with the ocean waves (water) gives the stones a balance of energy.

Hot Stone Massage is a unique treatment of heated stones applied with essential oils to the body in ways that bring relief to sore and stiff muscles, release tension and create tranquility and a more balanced flow of energy.

Drainage Slimming Massage (45′ 45€)

Its techniques are based on gentle softening pressures and aim to promote lymph circulation and facilitate the removal of metabolic waste.

Reflexology (30′ 45€)

Reflexology is based on the principle of concentrating on reflex points on the soles of feet that correspond with each organ, gland and structure in the body. A relaxing as well as grounding experience leaving you with a sense of well being.

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