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Eco Friendly

We respect the environment and humans

At Delfino Blu Boutique Hotel Corfu we care about environmental protection without negotiating your comfortable stay. So, we have created the appropriate infrastructure and we have trained our staff in order to meet these requirements.

• Thus, our hotel has been designed and constructed with particular respect to the local colour and the Venetian architecture, highlighting the special characteristics of Corfu.
• We have designed the surrounding areas and created a room on the ground floor of the building, so it can be accessible to people with special needs.
• We provide a biological cleaning system and save water by watering the gardens with the hotel’s liquid waste after it is filtered through the biological cleaning system. For even greater water saving, we use an underground irrigation system.
• We use solar energy for producing hot water in the hotel and the operation of the kitchen, which is more energy-efficient without creating exhaust gases into the environment.
• We have ensured that all rooms are bright and airy by using reclining thermo-sound double glazed windows in order to create the appropriate conditions of natural ventilation.
• Energy-saving bulbs are used in all hotel facilities.
• We have our own laundry system for washing and drying our linen, towels and blankets with biodegradable and environment-friendly detergents.
• We implement a reverse-osmosis system for filtering the water, so that it is safe for drinking, since it has no micro-organisms, microbe or salt.

Our aim is to further raise our guests’ environmental awareness and contribute to environment protection, therefore we inform our guests accordingly with special brochures in their room and also upon their arrival.

In the near future our intention is:
• To reduce the volume of garbage by composting organic kitchen waste (peels, vegetables, fruit). This will produce a natural fertilizer for our garden.
• To separate recyclable materials (glass, paper, plastic, aluminum) in the special recycling bins of the municipality. As well as encourage guests to recycle their waste produced in our premises, such as newspapers, plastic and aluminum bottles, by putting small blue bins at distinct & visible locations.


Delfino Blu Boutique Hotel in Corfu, Greece, Agios Stefanos

The island of Corfu is the ideal place for your holidays and certainly the most beautiful scenery for your wedding ceremony. Delfino Blu Boutique Hotel offers the perfect location to make your dream come true. Celebrate your Wedding in an intimate hideaway at the end of an island where the Sun meets the Sea. This is a unique place where romance exudes from the natural surroundings with a touch of elegance and the most gracious hospitality you could ever receive.

The spacious, sea view suites of Delfino Blu Boutique Hotel reflect the casual elegance of Corfu style. The restaurant and pool area under the rocky waterfalls, with view to the magical sunset of the Ionian Sea, can be the perfect backdrop for your wedding ceremony and reception. You can surely spend your wedding night at our fabulous honeymoon suite and of course you can celebrate the best time of your life in our luxurious yacht.

We can take care of the organization, the decoration of the reception area and of the wedding car, and we also take care of any document translation needed. For more information about weddings in Delfino Blu Boutique Hotel, contact us at: