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We respect the environment and all forms of life.

Environmental sustainability and the preservation of natural resources are some of our key priorities. To align with our sustainability values, we have trained our staff, created environmental-friendly infrastructure, and adopted practices that help the protection of the natural habitat.

Find below the sustainability practices we implement to contribute to environmental and human protection:

✓ Our hotel has been designed and constructed with particular respect to the traditional Corfiot color palette and the Venetian architecture, highlighting the unique characteristics of the island.

✓ We have created a room on the ground floor of the building specially designed to be accessible by people with disabilities and constructed the outer area of the hotel accordingly.

✓ We own a biological filtration system, so we save water by watering the gardens with the hotel’s liquid waste after it has been filtered through this system. We also use an underground irrigation system, for saving even more water.

✓ We use solar energy heating systems (solar thermal systems) for water heating and the operation of the kitchen. This practice is more energy-efficient without emitting exhaust gases in the atmosphere.

✓ We make sure that all our rooms are bright and airy by using reclining thermo-sound double glazed windows that create the proper conditions of natural ventilation.

✓ We use energy-saving bulbs in all hotel facilities.

✓ We wash our linen, towels, and blankets in our own laundry room with biodegradable and eco-friendly laundry detergents and let them air-dry.

✓ We implement a reverse-osmosis system for water filtration, so that the water is safe for drinking, without microorganisms, microbe, or salt.

✓ We throw the recyclable materials we use (glass, paper, plastic, aluminum) in the special municipal recycling bins and we encourage our guests to recycle the waste they produce (such as newspapers, plastic, tin, and aluminum bottles), using the small blue bins which are situated at several prominent spots.

✓ We aim to further raise our guests’ environmental awareness and contribute to the protection of the environment, so we inform our guests accordingly with special brochures placed in their rooms and given to them upon their arrival.

Our intention for the near future is:

✓ To reduce the volume of the garbage by composting organic kitchen waste (peels, vegetables, fruit), creating natural fertilizer for our garden.