Spa Facilities

Ionian Bath: Body peeling using sea salts, followed by a relaxing bath in a tub with essential oils and sea water.

Ocean Of Sensation: Relaxing bath with sea water in a tub, followed by a relaxing body massage with essential oils.

Natural Thalasso Experience: Vitality Pool – A heated pool with sea water, from which the cycle of sea therapy begins. The force of the water is used to provide different ways of water massages. There are air nozzle daybeds as well as water jets, where your skin as well as deeper complexion layers receive intense massage from neck to toes, resulting in maximum relaxation as well as empowerment of muscles and joints. All around the Spa you can find numerous ergonomically designed daybeds that invite you to relax and rejuvenate throughout the day.

Crystal Steambath: A steam bath of polygonal shape, which includes a handmade stone fountain that creates a pleasant atmosphere by emitting scented steam. It provides a high humidity environment, while it features comfortable, heated, ergonomically designed sofas.

Luxury Spa Shower: Showers with different water experience programs that can be adjusted by the client. The first shower simulates a smooth tropical rain, providing simultaneously a delightful fruity scent. During the rain fall, the shower is lighted by a warm red light. It also includes water jets that provide a pleasant lumbar massage.

The second shower provides a cold cloud of water, accompanied by a suggestive scent of mint and blue lighting. It is the ideal place to cool off after visiting the sauna or steam bath. This shower also includes water jets that can massage your neck area.

Ice Fountain: We suggest that you try the Ice Fountain after visiting the sauna or steam bath, as the low temperature of the snowflakes will relax your body rapidly. Additionally, it stimulates the blood flow and contributes to the wellbeing of your skin, muscles and tissues.

Foot Bath: The decongestion of the tension of the feet can help comfort the entire body, as feet constitute the main supporting system of the body. Since antiquity and to this very day, the significant healing power of foot bath is highlighted as the warm water causes the feet to relax, the nerves of the area alleviate and the blood flow grows quicker.

“Diaplo” Viewpoint: An impressive veranda with a spectacular view to the Ionian Sea and the Diapontia islands. An amazing place to enjoy unforgettable sunsets and so much more!

Gym: In a special space of 70 square meters, our gym is equipped with lockers for storage of personal items, showers and a sauna. In the gym of Delfino Blue Boutique Hotel, clients can use gym equipment to keep in shape as well as train during their holidays. There is special equipment for lifting as well as aerobics – including a multiple exercise machine, a running surface, an elliptical, a bike and benches for lifting and abs workout.

Beach bar - Restaurant: This bar offers a wide variety of natural products (with additional charge) such as natural juices, fruits, salads, sandwiches and tasty desserts. It is situated below the Spa area.

Room For Rhasssoulbath (additional charge) : This room is equipped with a private heated bed, where you can try peeling with sea salts or mud therapy with thermal or sea clay that is placed on your body. The peeling results in the removal of the dead cells from the skin while mud therapy reinforces significantly the recast of cells and has anti-ageing properties. The session is completed with warm steam and smooth rain shower over the sittings.

Natural Clay: Natural clay constitutes an ancient beauty secret, whose use was firstly mentioned by the ancient Egyptians while the Romans were particularly fond of it, due to its numerous beneficial properties. In our days, it is considered a superior cosmetic for face and body care, and is highly wanted due to its unique composition which is high in magnesium and iron. One of the most beneficial characteristics of clay is the ability to activate the exchange of ions with the body which leads to antioxidant action as well as removal of the toxins, while it also is highly absorbent, cleansing the skin from sebum, speckles and pollutants. It also reinforces the recast of cells and has anti-ageing properties, healing any wounds and causing hyperemia, improving vastly the blood circulation.

The clay we use is:

- 100% natural
- Sun-dried, to ensure the best possible results
- Non-ionized
- Free of preservatives
- Rich in minerals and trace elements
- Dermatologically tested