Natural Health Spa & Wellness

the revitalization of body and spirit

Our Philosophy

Natural Health Spa & Wellness

The main concept behind the creation of a Health Spa & Wellness in our accommodation is to offer services that aim, besides healing, in the revitalization of body and spirit, as well as relaxation and recreation!

Our aim is not to replace thermal sources but rather to create an environment within which one can have the ability to choose from a combined range of alternative forms of tourism.
The offered services include mostly the following: hydrotherapy, breather, relaxation, massage, beauty treatments etc.

Our venture is based on the development of the sea-originated benefits (the sea climate and water, the use of sea substances as well as clay and seaweed. All the offered products –which derive from natural sources - will provide our customers with a series of modern treatments combined with joy and recreation.

Our goal is for the Natural Spa & Wellness to surprise you with its luxurious services (spa facilities) as well as wellbeing treatments, ensuring that you will find a relaxing refuge!



…Our thoughts are mainly focused in the processing of the raw material that is essential to mud therapy (clay), as it is found in the surrounding grounds and which will be later used in the outdoor service by the sea. More specifically, while our facilities remain closed during the winter period, our personnel collects the sea-sculptured clay, which is then transferred in a special space, processed and then placed in a special oven for six months to mature in the presence of thermal and sea water.

Clay is considered a superior product with major healing properties, known since the antiquity. The reason why clay stands out is the plethora of advantages is presents in comparison to other natural cosmetics. Clay in particular reinforces the recast of cells, rejuvenates the skin and has healing action. It removes toxins and absorbs pollutants and sebaceous elements, leaving the body healthier and revived.

By partaking in the outdoor mud therapy, our guest will have the opportunity to actually witness in real time the environment of the element that provides him with all the above advantages, creating a unique sensation. This sensation will be strengthened by the accompanying means that will be used, such as clothing, towels and pillows impregnated with essential oils.