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Our Philosophy


Our Philosophy

Natural Health Spa & Wellness

“The part can never be well unless the whole is well.” -Plato

At Delfino Blu Wellness Boutique Hotel in Corfu, we put wellness at the center of our philosophy. That’s why we have created a temple of relaxation -the Natural Health Spa!

With utmost respect to the natural world and zest for traditional therapies, we have hand-picked a selection of spa services, like hydrotherapy, massage, and natural beauty treatments.

The wellness rituals from all around the world, as well as the natural environment of Corfu, are our main sources of inspiration! That’s why we use raw natural ingredients, like clay and seaweed, to ensure the effectiveness of our spa treatments!

Luxurious spa facilities, natural therapies, and an overall relaxing environment create the ultimate place to awaken your senses!

Clay, a miraculous natural ingredient Used since ancient times on several natural therapies, this amazing ingredient can do wonders on your skin! We collect natural clay on our own, to make sure that the natural treatments contain all the active natural ingredients! More specifically, during the winter period, our personnel collects sea-sculptured clay, which we then transfer to a custom-built place. Then, we process it and place it in a special oven, where it matures for six months inside thermal water and seawater. Clay is a valuable natural ingredient with several healing properties! Among others, it promotes cell self- renewal, effectively rejuvenates the skin, removes toxins, exfoliates and absorbs pollutants and sebum, leaving the body smooth and glowing. Trying the outdoor mud therapy, our guest will have the opportunity to marvel at the surrounding clay-rich landscape and feel connected to nature and its power. What’s more, the clothing, towels, and pillows used throughout the treatment are infused with essential oils, making the whole experience even more special.

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