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Facial Therapy Packages

Lifting treatment for eye area (50′ 70€)

This therapy acts at the same time as anti-wrinkle, anti-edema, detoxifying, moisturizing, while nourishing, rejuvenating and rejuvenating the entire area.

Lifting treatment for Neck and Decollete (50′ 70€)

Our luxurious treatment helps reduce the appearance of a double chin along as well as fine wrinkles and the neck and décolleté. It tightens, lifts and refreshes the neck area for a smoother, more lifted appearance.

Face Lifting Massage (50′ 70€)

Facial treatment that smoothes wrinkles, restores facial features, while increasing collagen and elastin production. This treatment is based on the action of herbal cosmetics containing high concentrations of protein, vitamins in combination with a special Roll & Lift massage.

Queen Bee Face exclusive (50′ 100€)

A “Royal treatment” for rejuvenating and firming mature skin based on the beneficial properties of natural stem cells, peptides, polysaccharides, and amino acids from natural pearl, which in combination with facial massage techniques, enhance circulation and restore elastin and collagen levels.

Vitamin C cocktail (50′ 70€)

This treatment delays premature aging and offers smooth renewed and shiny skin. Also prepares the skin for sun exposure.

Hydra System Facial (50′ 70€)

The treatment increases and maintains hydration levels high, while at the same time enhancing the skin’s defense and resistance to solar radiation and sudden temperature changes.

Special Face Hyaluronic Massage (50′ 80€)

The treatment is rich in hyaluronic acid and antioxidant properties while at the end of the therapy we use silk cocoons.

Men’s invigorating facial treatment (50′ 70€)

A treatment designed specifically for the needs of the modern man. It’s ideal for renewed balance leaving the face healthier and younger. Ιt boosts hydration and acts as an anti-aging treatment.

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