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Full Spa Packages


Full Spa Packages

Express face and body Hydration (20′ 25€)

Face and body Hydration is a must, especially in summer time after tanning.

Express body scrub and body hydration (20′ 25€)

Exfoliate with sea salts and hydrate your skin for a smooth, soft and glowing appearance along with a soft massage.

Detox, anti-stress therapy for both men and women (50′ 50€)

This treatment is designed for all skin types and is especially recommended for people whose skin looks tired. Eliminates all the dead cells and properly prepares the skin to absorb all the vitamins that will be applied.

Deluxe Ritual (90′ 140€)

Body scrub, Full body massage with essential oils, 6-Step Deep Hydration Treatment (Cleansing, Peeling, Toning Lotion, Face Serum, Gentle Refreshing Massage, Antioxidant Mask for Toning & Shine)

Silky Milky (60′ 70€)

Hydromassage with milk foam, Body scrub and rich hydration, Face mask for a velvety texture and shine

Hot Harmony (60′ 100€)

Hydromassage with milk foam, Massage with oils and volcanic stones

Instant Energizer (70′ 90€)

Body scrub, Hammam, Adventure shower, Full body massage, Body mask

Rejuvenate adventure therapy (30′ 20€)

Hammam 10′, Α few min ice war, Adventure Shower 10′

Pasha Hammam (20′ 15€)

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