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4 awesome Greek islands near Corfu that will blow your mind!

4 awesome Greek islands near Corfu that will blow your mind!
paxi island greece

4 awesome Greek islands near Corfu that will blow your mind!


Emerald waters, lush nature everywhere you look, awarded exotic beaches and yummy traditional food. This is what the Greek islands near Corfu are all about!

So, let us get this straight: Ionian islands are wildly popular. And there are many reasons why! From simply irresistible emerald beaches to traditional little villages, these islands tick all the boxes!

Having Corfu as your base, you can do trips to some awesome Greek islands near Corfu.

So, let the exploration begin!

Warning: Get ready for some jaw-to-the-floor moments!

1st stop: Paxi

Don’t let the size of this Greek island fool you!

The beauty of Paxi is far greater than its size. Just imagine a wild natural landscape, a peaceful atmosphere and one-of-a-kind exotic beaches. If you’re someone who loves nature, Paxi will leave you in awe. You see, olive trees, pine trees and vineyards are integral parts of the island.

The ferries from Corfu to Paxi arrive at the beautiful little port of Gaios, which is also the capital of the island. The fjord-like shape of this little harbor is unlike anything you’ve seen before! Another thing about Gaios, apart from its stunning natural landscape, is its traditional character. Strolling around the village, you’ll come upon some beautiful 19th-century buildings, as well as traditional 20th-century coffee places and little shops.

And don’t even get us started with the beaches! Exotic, with emerald waters and fine sand, they are a reason on their own to visit Paxi. Pounda and Monodendri are some of the best Paxi beaches.


Pounda is a small beach, located on the eastern coast of Paxi, near Longos village. The best part? It’s a quiet beach, ideal for relaxation! So, if you want to skip the crowds and enjoy natural tranquility, this is for you!


Monodendri is a cosmopolitan beach, located on the east coast of Paxi. The landscape is beautiful: white pebbles, crystal clear waters and lush greenery are going to upgrade your ordinary day at the beach to an exotic experience!

Saving the best for last!

One of the best experiences to have while in Paxi is a trip to Antipaxi. This tiny island opposite to Paxi is just too good to miss! Full of little forests and lush nature, Antipaxi is the perfect place for exploration. The two main paradise beaches of the islet, Vrika and Voutoumi, are going to make all your exotic dreams come true.

And this is a promise!

2nd stop: Lefkada

Welcome to the Caribbean of the Greek islands!

Do you think we’re exaggerating? Well, do yourself a favor and swim in the emerald waters of Lefkada. You can thank us later!

Do you want to learn something interesting about Lefkada?

Despite typically being an island, Lefkada can be reached by car. What you might also not know is that Lefkada is perfect for all kinds of water sports, such as windsurfing, kite surfing and scuba diving. So if you are an adventure lover, this island is for you!

On the eastern side of Lefkada you’ll find beautiful seaside villages, while on the western side there are the most popular beaches of the island. Speaking of beaches, let’s see some of the best of them!

Porto Katsiki

Porto Katsiki beach needs no introduction. And truth is, if you don’t visit it during your stay in Lefkada, you haven’t even scratched the surface of the island! It is not only the most famous Lefkada beach but also one of the best beaches worldwide. Just imagine a huge dramatic cliff surrounding a breathtaking beach with emerald waters and sugar fine sand. Believe us, the reality is far more impressive than imagination!


Egremnoi is a very popular 2 km long sandy beach in Lefkada. Surrounded by breathtaking steep cliffs, this beach boasts an amazing natural landscape! The white sand, shiny pebbles and crystal clear turquoise water will put this beach straight in your bucket list.


This cosmopolitan beach is one of the longest and most beautiful Lefkada beaches. Picture this: fine sand and emerald waters, surrounded by mountains that highlight the natural beauty of this beach. Are you a water sports lover? At Kathisma beach you can do several water sports activities, especially sky parachute.

3rd stop: Ithaca

Ithaca was initially famous from the popular epic of Homer, “Odyssey” and then became an inspiration for several poets. You only have to visit this mythical island to see why!

Imagine this: An imposing green landscape, fantastic beaches and traditional settlements. If you believe this is a secret oasis of tranquility, you’re right!

Being off the beaten tourist trail, his island is perfect for you, if you’re into a more laid back kind of holidays in the heart of nature. Apart from relaxing, one of the top things to do in Ithaca is exploring its traditional villages.

The best village to start your exploration from is Kioni, which is built amphitheatrically on the slopes of a green mountain. The one thing that will stand out to you the most, is its architecture. Colorful little houses with red tiled roofs and courtyards full of flowers are the trademarks of this little village. You can start your stroll from the top of the village, following the narrow paved streets leading down to the emerald sea. Dreamy or what?

Ithaca beaches are unique! The best thing about them is that despite their popularity, they don’t get overcrowded. And you know what this means, right? Endless lazy days at the beach, of course! Some of the best Ithaca beaches are Filiatro and Gidaki.


Filiatro is the most popular beach on the island with warm, shallow waters and shiny pebbles. It is ideal for families with little kids and has many facilities. Bottom line: Its emerald, pool-like waters that will definitely steal your heart!


Probably the most beautiful Ithaca beach, Gidaki will leave you in awe with its stunning turquoise waters! But most of all, Gidaki is a secluded beach, meaning it’s the perfect choice for some isolation in paradise.

Final stop: Kefalonia

Have you ever noticed that some islands just always look good on pictures?

Well, Kefalonia is one of those islands where reality exceeds by far the photos!

No guide to the islands near Corfu would be complete without Kefalonia. So, let us set the scene. Exotic beaches with fine sand and azure waters, traditional settlements, breathtaking landscape, music, exceptional cuisine… Seriously, we could go on forever!

Being the largest island of the Ionian sea, Kefalonia is an island full of revelations. It’s not surprising that the popular movie “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” was shot there!

One of the must places to visit in Kefalonia is, hands down, Melissani cave. The scenery of this cave is out of this world. Just imagine a cave with an emerald lake, stalactites and lush vegetation, inside of it. Sounds amazing, right? Exploring Melissani cave by boat is an experience you should already have in your bucket list!

A visit to the traditional picturesque settlement Assos, is just too good to miss! You’ll find this little village in a peninsula, full of trees and colorful traditional houses. Traditional architecture combined with a beautiful natural landscape make this village an all time favorite! Stroll around the stone made narrow streets, visit the 16th-century Venetian castle and taste some yummy traditional dishes at the local taverns.

So far, so good, but if you don’t swim in the emerald waters of Kefalonia beaches, have you even been to Kefalonia? The huge coastline of the island offers a great variety of beaches with crystal clear clean waters and fine sand. But which are the best of them?


Well, no surprises here! Myrtos is one of the most popular Greek island beaches. Having a dramatic natural landscape and all the shades of blue waters, it’s not surprising at all that Myrtos beach is worldwide famous! Its white shiny pebbles contrast with the beautiful topaz waters, creating an exotic scenery that will steal your heart.


Antisamos is another impressive beach in Kefalonia! Boasting an idyllic landscape, this beach was where many scenes of the movie “Captain Corelli’s mandolin” were shot. Antisamos is surrounded by green hills and has turquoise waters and white pebbles. It’s an organized beach with umbrellas and sunbeds, where you can enjoy sunbathing all day long!


If you’re feeling fancy, go to Xi beach! This is one of the most interesting beaches in Kefalonia, thanks to its reddish sand. Going to this beach is almost like doing a spa session! Why? Because the sand contains large amounts of clay, which can be used for exfoliation and also has firming effects to the skin. Xi beach is also safe for children, thanks to it shallow waters!

In essence, the islands near Corfu are some of the most beautiful Ionian islands. So, if you haven’t already ticked these destinations off your bucket list, it’s time to do so! Hot tip: The best way to do it is by island hopping during your stay in Corfu.

Trust us, you’ll be glad you did!